How To Sell A Pen - Really by Paul Democritou

How To Sell A Pen - Really

Seduce your audience into anything using sales psychology

"Sell me this pen."

Whether it’s in a job interview, sales training, or just in the bar with your friends, if you’re in sales, you’ll hear the “Sell me this pen,” challenge eventually. How you respond can land you the job,  skyrocket your career, and make you the superhero of your circle – or leave you looking like an idiot. 

Of course, it’s a trick question. 

In How to Sell a Pen – Really international sales trainer Paul Democritou shows you how to handle being put on the spot, and in the process provides a simple, solid, and sure-fire sales process that anyone can use to master the art of selling anything to anyone.

In it, you will learn:

  • The very first thing you should do when challenged to “Sell me this pen”
  • Why the sale isn’t about the product or service on offer, and what is really at stake
  • How to bypass objections and rejections once and for all
  • What your customer wants from you, and how to deliver it every time without fail
  • How to cement yourself in your customer’s mind as the only supplier for whatever you sell
  • How to keep your motivation high when sales are down

With Paul as your mentor, you’ll never shy away from a sales challenge again, secure in the knowledge you can seduce any audience into anything using psychology.
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What people are saying about How to Sell a Pen - Really!

L“I rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest salesmen of the twentieth century, from Zig Ziglar to Napoleon Hill. I firmly believe Paul Democritou will be one of the greats of the twenty-first century, continuing a proud tradition."

Ben Gay III, Bestselling Author
“Democritou’s approach is always honest, often irreverent and humorous. But he has a serious message to share, and you would be a fool not to take him seriously.”
Nick Nimmin, DIgital Entrepreneur
“This stuff shouldn’t be on sale. It should be stored under lock and key, in a bucket of ice, with the lights off. In a dungeon. Seriously, in the wrong hands, this could be dangerous. Don’t be evil, people.” 
Claydee, Award-winning artist & record label owner
“How to Sell a Pen – Really should be on every bookshelf. It's for salespeople, trainers, and it's a simple guide to getting the sale. It  will refine your skills and act as a reference for real-life sales scenarios. Must. Read. Often.”
Owen Video, Marketing expert
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Master Sales Infiltrator Using Sales Psychology

Paul Democritou teaches sales and infiltration techniques learned in a career spanning sales experience from timeshare to call centres, to recruitment and tech startup training.