How To Sell A Pen Course by Paul Democritou

How To Sell A Pen Course

How to Seduce Your Audience Into Anything Using Sales Psychology

What's included?

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Before we begin
Welcome to the How To Sell a Pen - Really course
Paul - Replace with Introduction video
What to Expect from This Course
3 Reasons You Suck at Sales
Why You Suck at Sales
2 mins
Those Who Can't Sell, Teach
3 mins
You Think You Know It All
4 mins
You Have a Lousy Attitude
7 mins
Commit To Working on You
2 mins
7 Daily Habits for Sales Success
Vision Your Day the Night Before
2 mins
3 mins
Always Be Learning
1 min
Leave IT on the Coat Hanger
3 mins
Buy a Pair of Scissors
2 mins
Practice Speaking
2 mins
Get Your Audience’s A-List Attention
Bypassing the brain's bouncers
Serve a Niche
Solve a Problem
Who’s on Your List?
How to Build Your Master List
How to Sell Anyone Anything
The 4 P's of selling
Make a Promise
2 mins
What's Your Promise?
Paint a Picture
4 mins
Sell Your Sizzle
Provide Proof
2 mins
Get testimonials
KISS Your Pitch
2 mins
The pitch
Build Your Sales Funnel
Why You need Your Own Sales Funnel
Lead Magnets
Landing Pages
Building Your List
Build Your Own Sales Funnel
What Are You Selling?
2 mins
Dress for Success
3 mins
Reaching the Decision-Maker
Cold-calling with Confidence
Setting Appointments
Making a Great First Impression
The Trump Handshake
3 mins
Seating Clients for a Presentation
Get Customers Talking
cant remember the one with the mints etc.mp4
2 mins
How to Make People Like You
Start with a Compliment
Be Positive
Take a genuine interest
Something to live up to
The Touch Close
Let your customer lead the way
Asking questions
Turning the problem you solve into a transformation you sell.
How to persuade anyone
Features versus benefits
Closing Objections
Alternative close.mp4
6 mins
The Paperwork Close
2 mins
The Delivery Close
1 min
The “Think About What?” Close
Think about what (simple).mp4
2 mins
The 4 Questions Close
4 question close.mp4
3 mins
The Missing Person Close
3 mins
The Understanding Close
The "What If?" Close
2 mins
The Forgiveness Close
forgiveness close.mp4
2 mins
The 1-10 Close
4 mins
The “I agree” Close
i agree close.mp4
2 mins
i agree part 2.mp4
1 min
The Do It Anyway Close
1 min
The Treat Yourself Close
1 min
The Take-Away Close
3 mins
How to kill the I Want to Think About It in Presentation
The Indecision Close
1 min
Always end on a high note
Three Great Closes
The Leading Close
Alternative Close
If I could, would you?
Now Sell Me a Pen
Putting it all together
The Sell A Pen Salesmanship Awards
After Sales
3 mins
How To Sell A Pen - Really PDF
1.68 MB

Master Sales Infiltrator Using Sales Psychology

Paul Democritou teaches sales and infiltration techniques learned in a career spanning sales experience from timeshare to call centres, to recruitment and tech startup training.