How To Sell A Pen Course by Paul Democritou

How To Sell A Pen Course

How to Seduce Your Audience Into Anything Using Sales Psychology

What's included?

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Before we begin
Welcome to the How To Sell a Pen - Really course
Paul - Replace with Introduction video
What to Expect from This Course
3 Reasons You Suck at Sales
Why You Suck at Sales
2 mins
Those Who Can't Sell, Teach
3 mins
You Think You Know It All
4 mins
You Have a Lousy Attitude
7 mins
Commit To Working on You
2 mins
7 Daily Habits for Sales Success
Vision Your Day the Night Before
2 mins
3 mins
Always Be Learning
1 min
Leave IT on the Coat Hanger
3 mins
Buy a Pair of Scissors
2 mins
Practice Speaking
2 mins
Get Your Audience’s A-List Attention
Bypassing the brain's bouncers
Serve a Niche
Solve a Problem
Who’s on Your List?
How to Build Your Master List
How to Sell Anyone Anything
The 4 P's of selling
Make a Promise
2 mins
What's Your Promise?
Paint a Picture
4 mins
Sell Your Sizzle
Provide Proof
2 mins
Get testimonials
KISS Your Pitch
2 mins
The pitch
Build Your Sales Funnel
Why You need Your Own Sales Funnel
Lead Magnets
Landing Pages
Building Your List
Build Your Own Sales Funnel
What Are You Selling?
2 mins
Dress for Success
3 mins
Reaching the Decision-Maker
Cold-calling with Confidence
Setting Appointments
Making a Great First Impression
The Trump Handshake
3 mins
Seating Clients for a Presentation
Get Customers Talking
cant remember the one with the mints etc.mp4
2 mins
How to Make People Like You
Start with a Compliment
Be Positive
Take a genuine interest
Something to live up to
The Touch Close
Let your customer lead the way
Asking questions
Turning the problem you solve into a transformation you sell.
How to persuade anyone
Features versus benefits
Closing Objections
Alternative close.mp4
6 mins
The Paperwork Close
2 mins
The Delivery Close
1 min
The “Think About What?” Close
Think about what (simple).mp4
2 mins
The 4 Questions Close
4 question close.mp4
3 mins
The Missing Person Close
3 mins
The Understanding Close
The "What If?" Close
2 mins
The Forgiveness Close
forgiveness close.mp4
2 mins
The 1-10 Close
4 mins
The “I agree” Close
i agree close.mp4
2 mins
i agree part 2.mp4
1 min
The Do It Anyway Close
1 min
The Treat Yourself Close
1 min
The Take-Away Close
3 mins
How to kill the I Want to Think About It in Presentation
The Indecision Close
1 min
Always end on a high note
Three Great Closes
The Leading Close
Alternative Close
If I could, would you?
Now Sell Me a Pen
Putting it all together
The Sell A Pen Salesmanship Awards
After Sales
3 mins
How To Sell A Pen - Really PDF
1.68 MB

Master Sales Infiltrator Using Sales Psychology

Paul Democritou teaches sales and infiltration techniques learned in a career spanning sales experience from timeshare to call centres, to recruitment and tech startup training.


Can I get a course completion certificate?

Yes. You will be able to access your course completion certificate once you have completed the course.

How lond do I have to complete the course?

There is no time limit for you to complete the course. Once you have registered, you will have access to the course indefinitely.

How long will the course take?

The course videos and other content are approximately 2 hours duration. 

However, it's up to you how long it takes you to complete the action steps, and claim your course completion certificate.

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as you register. You can dive in right away, or schedule a time to study - it's up to you.